Hey dudes, so I've recently been playing and writing songs in drop B flat a lot.

I've got a BC Rich Virgo, haven't modded it or nothing, still got it as it came, if that matters, its got Ernie Ball not even slinky strings on it, nice and thick, BUTT it feels like it could be better.
The string tension feels too loose even though the strings are pretty chunky, and I like the tension of my standard guitar way better, the drop guitar sounds all floppy, and I want it to be like that but how can I get this?
Could I get 7 string set of strings and just use the lower 6 strings? Or do I need to adjust the guitar in some way? Or do I give up on it and spend a few years saving for a 7 string or a baritone?
You need a Whammy DT.
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Does the Whammy DT affect the tone much? I've tried using VSTs to do that sort of thing when I'm recording and it sounds like nuts.

I'll try them strings out next, cheers. Is it possible to get cobalt strings that thick?
I'd love a 7 string, but money.
Is there anything I can do to the guitar? Any adjustments I can do to it to make it even just a bit tighter?
Try some d'addario EXL158s (.13 - .62). They're made for baritone guitars but may work for you. You might have to file out the nut slots if the strings are too big for the nut which would be irreversible.

I don't think you can get much bigger without buying bass strings. Even the low B on 7 string sets are usually .54-.60s.
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You may need to adjust the truss rod. I'm not a fan of touching the truss rod myself as it's a delicate operation that could seriously mess up your guitar. Ask a technician/luthier for a proper setup for Drop Bb.
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My friend has his gibson les paul custom in drop B and he play with 13-70 and replace the 70 for a 76. But he loves very tight strings. I would play drop B with something lower than a 52 as the B and even there, it will feel loose.

Baritone would give you the chance to have the same tension with smaller strings. But it will not sound the same. But it is easier to play on smaller strings than on huge ones, this is one of the reasonwhy they exist.
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Quote by Arpeggio X
You may need to adjust the truss rod. I'm not a fan of touching the truss rod myself as it's a delicate operation that could seriously mess up your guitar. Ask a technician/luthier for a proper setup for Drop Bb.

it really isn't that sensitive. just make sure you know what way to turn it, and don't turn it more than a 1/4 turn or so a day.

but if i were you i would just take it to a tech, you seem to not have a lot of experience. most techs have no problem with you watching and some will explain things to you and show you how it works.
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get daddario 12-60 and might change 60 to 64-68

+1. Gonna need some serious strings for drop Bb and string tension.
Yeah, 12-60 with a 64 would probably work.
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