Hi all

I have just bought a used guitar. It's a really nice guitar, but the action is really high and the bridge is lifting up. Also there is a crack where the neck joins to the body of the guitar.

How would I repair all of this and around how much would it cost me?

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The bridge needs to removed and re glued with special clamps and a jig to hold everything in place it's easy to do if you have the right tools and if you don't it shouldn't be more than 30 or 40 dollars to fix. The neck is a harder question to answer. Without seeing it I couldn't tell you what to expect. Could be a simple fix or it could be incredibly complex and expensive.
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Okay here are some pictures:
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Here's the article from Frets.com on repairing a (Martin) bridge:


As you can see, it's rather complicated. In order to do it right, the bridge must be removed, all the old glue removed, the surfaces prepared, and it must be properly clamped while re-gluing.

A luthier will have the tools and techniques to do this work. Attempting to improvise a fix will likely not be effective.
the crack following the fretboard may be a big deal. Structurally speaking that is the most important part of the guitar and it looks to be completely split in 2. If the bracing is sound you might be ok but usually when you get damage like that it is because the brace under the fretboard had popped off or split. You need to take it to a luthier and see what the damage really is.
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I know it's too late this time but in future my advice is don't ever buy a used guitar with those sorts of problems.