Nora is a VST Phrase/Pattern Editor (Arpeggiator) that utilizes piano roll-like grid advanced editing tools to easily create MIDI phrases. This is a perfect way to strengthen your creativity doing melodies.

Its full contextual and intelligent interface along with its simplicity allows to create complex phrases almost instantly. Simply open DAW, add a few chords and play them. Afterwards, load Nora and start adding, resizing, copying or moving notes. Everything operates in real time.

NORA features:
- Complete real-time edition
- Edit up to 5 octaves and up to 5 notes per octave
- Load/save phrases through the browser
- Auto/manual loop selection
- Customizable phrase length
- Intuitive tools, including zoom to any point and auxiliary mouse locations to define note start and note end.
- Two operation modes: Synchronized with DAW or as a classic arpeggiator.
- Customizable grid for easy edition.


There is a lot under the hood, that we will release in the next months, new funcionatilies and new tools.

VST Windows 32/64 bit. (OSX version in a close future)

A quick homemade video and a screenshot:


Introductory offer of 34€ (the first 15 days after its initial release),
Final price 49€, don't miss this offer because we'll add tons of extra contens and amazing tools to Nora.
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