I purchased an old Dean Honeyburst explorer from guitar center the other day, it was pretty beat up but it just sounded great and it was fun to play, however since it was used I can't pick it up intill the end of the month. While I wait, I have been trying to find a good picture of ANY sort of Honeyburst Explorer, but I can't find one picture on the internet of one...
It's not a Brazilian burst or Sunburst either, It had the same finish as a honeyburst les paul... its just so great to look at, even if its probably a basswood dean- However it could be a mahogany by the look of the wood grain, I haven't seen much basswood guitars with a nice grain-strain.

Anyway, This being my first Explorer style guitar, anyone else have an explorer type guitar?
Enjoy it? How is it rank among your other guitars?
Yes, have a Gibson and a Bacchus Explorer, prefer the strap button at the back of the neck feels more comfortable to play, great guitars I am sure you will enjoy it.

own a destroyer dt 155 by ibanez, they are difficult to play standing up right and i found trouble with the strap being in an awkward place other than that cool as hell to own
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