Somewhere in my house i have a 1972 Telecaster american standard pickup, most likely in great condition as it was replaced by a Gibson humbucker shortly after the Tele was bought new, and put into a safe box, just since not exactly a known location in the house, since it was boxed.

I've seen an 82 neck pickup go for about £120 ($200) in pretty rough looking condition recently.

Any idea if it's worth me diving through some cupboards, with a rough guestimate on it's value today?

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If you bought a Gibson pickup in 72 it's probably a T-Top and is worth more than that Fender pickup, and the Fender is worth more with the original pickup back in it.
Problem is the body is already cut out of the Fender and im not to keen on replacing it with a custom or anything, so selling that isn't a matter of cash; its a matter of me wanting it the way it is, which i do.

Just out of curiosity though, if i could find out a way of whether is what you said about a Gibson pickup; id love to know how.

If the pickups have a serial or anything then of course i can prove it. Otherwise, it's just my word.
I know how magnets work, yet some people don't care and buy guitars and pickups regardless.
People want a vintage twang with any cash sometimes.