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Don't know which forum, probably doesn't exist anymore anyway. It was most likely a gaming forum.

I did learn my first guitarstuff from about 10 years ago though.

Another forum I was active on does not exist anymore which I believe was called Basically a collaboration forum with new jams made by members almost every other day, and actually being done within a week or so. Good players and above average production quality.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
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^ Cool!

Post your profile URLs if you're still active there.

I was 8+ but claimed I was 25 or something.

but you could just click on their name....
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First forum I've joined and contributed to was the pit obviously.

There's no better forum for all of your Un-needed needs
ayy lmao
this one.
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Taborama in 2004 I believe. So much better than UG. Or those filthy bastards on MXTabs.

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i think it was gamefaqs/some other game site

i posted a lot of fake pokemon red/blue cheats via public library internet

my account got banned
ggg1 ggg3

First one I joined was PureGraffiti I think. I'm pretty sure I got banned there too.

I also didn't know how to add a sig so I just put it in at the end of all my posts.
Fuck, I barely remember. I think the first forums I ever joined were the official Bethesda forums. I still post there semi-frequently.
I think it was one that a guy I knew at school set up. There were about 7 or 8 members at most, the nerds/weird kids from my school year. We discussed whatever random topics.

Needless to say it died a long time ago.
Well, local BBS's back in the '80's.

If you mean internet wise, various usenet groups (that was the internet before the web existed).
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Well, local BBS's back in the '80's.

If you mean internet wise, various usenet groups (that was the internet before the web existed).

All of this.
And a lot of Fidonet groups.
Must have been some Simpsons forum when I was a kid. Too long ago for me to remember more than that.
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Forum my friend made in primary or first year of middle school I suppose. Real forum think it was the runescape forum. No idea why anymore. Got banned for trolling there lol. Think UG was my second forum. Not done much afterwards really... Forums of some bands but that is it really. I am not a redditor or anything.
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Ok here it is
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I wish I was American.

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UG. The Pit was so much better back when there were hundreds of users in here at a time.
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#36 which was a spinoff of GTAScraper which was listed in the GTA manual acouple times during the PS2 days.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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Mugglenet hehe

I think I joined when I was 8 or something

Also neopets if that counts because they had forums too
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I think I joined Bodybuilingforum a few years ago. About the same time as this one.
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(Don't even ask what it means)

Some WoW forum of this guild I was in. don't play the game anymore, and the guild disbanded to yeah.
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