Hello everyone,

I have been playing acoustic guitar for a while now (close to 20 years). During this time, I have mostly played chords (many of them from tabs taken from this amazing website) and stayed at a pretty basic level.

I have recently started looking for electric guitars, and it seemed that the Yamaha Pacifica 112v was considered by many, as a good inexpensive guitar, ideal for begginers. I have therefore, bought myself an used Pacifica 112v that I am enjoying a lot!!! (in fact, I decided to start taking guitar lessons and I am now crazy with all the gibson, fenders and etc... Just want to burn my money away on fancy guitars!!!)!

Anyway... The reason I am writing though, is quite technical!

I have the feeling that my Pacifica does a lot of fret buzz! Independently of where in the neck I play, there's buzz. If I pick the strings very gently it is not there, but a more vigorous pick and there's the buzz! I took the guitar to a guitar shop and they told me it was well setup and there was nothing wrong with it. Nevertheless, during my guitar classes, I am playing with a guitar that makes no buzz (I would assume it is not a very good guitar, as it is the guitar for the students). So, I am quite sure that the buzz is there and I am not imagining it!

The problem is... I have no idea how to tackle this! What can be the cause? How can it be fixed? I think the action is high, so bringing it higher would be crazy! The neck is slightly concave, so I think that is also OK. I have increased the gauge of the strings (to .10) and still I have the buzz! I tried putting some aluminium foil in the slits of the nut, but the buzz doesn't go away.

Bottom line... I am a bit lost and don't know what to do! Can anyone give me some expert suggestion and/or share their opinion? That would be super!!!

Just another bit of info, I think that the buzz comes from the string rubbing the next fret after I press a string (meaning, if I am pressing in the 3rd fret of E, the buzz is coming from the string rubbing against the 4th fret).

Looking forward to hearing from all the guitar passionate (and experts) amongst you!

Cheers all,
If it bothers you, raise the action a bit. I don't like really like low action personally, for just this exact reason. Everyone is different - get the guitar setup how you like it, not how someone says it should be.
Last week I was doing a setup on a customer's guitar and couldn't get rid of the buzzing on the low E string. I checked for high/low frets, relief was good, action wasn't that low. I finally put on a new E string and the buzz went away. Doesn't happen often, but sometimes you get a bad string. If all your strings buzz, and it happens up and down the fretboard, more likely it is a set up issue.

If you can't get rid of it yourself take it to another tech. Some so-called "techs" are really nothing more than string changers. A good tech will be able to pinpoint what is causing the buzz.
Hello and thank you for your replies.

Well, I can't really increase the action... it really is high enough already! Too high, would be too much.
As for the strings, I just changed them and they all do the buzz. It happens across all of the neck... I first though it could be the nut (it is actually unglued and the nut in the Pacifica is not great... Any idea where I can get a decent one in Europe?), but the fact that it is buzzing all across the fretboard, suggests it is not the nut!

What can I do??? The more I hear the buzz, the crazier it makes me!!!
Is the fret buzz heard through the amplifier as well as when unplugged? If it is only heard when unplugged and not heard through the amp then thats pretty normal. Buzz heard through the amp, and seeing also that the nut isnt all that great, I would take it to a tech if I were you. Having said that, a tech has told its fine already?? A second opinion wouldnt hurt. this may also come down to technique as well.
Hello and thank you for your reply!

If I crank up the sound, I can hear the vibration through the amp (although, with distortion and not too loud clean sound, I can barely hear it). The tech I have met said it is fine, but I really think he just didn't care about a rookie with a inexpensive yamaha pacifica 112v!

Playing with my teacher's guitar, there's no buzz. So I would guess that the problem is not my technique!

What can lead to fret buzz all across the board (with the action already set high)?
Depends how the action is set high. If you just have a high action by adjusting the truss rod, when you actually press the string down it will be level with the board again down to the saddles. A high action should be established with a straight neck, high saddles and a high nut.
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