Before you decide to actually give the tabbed song a go and play along with the music, do you grab your guitar and play it by yourself? Listen to the music and visualize what you will be playing? Low volume, unplugged? Just curious as to what others do when they're preparing to learn a song.

For me, if it is an easy song, I usually just jump right to it, if I know the song structure well enough, etc. But if the song is more difficult, I'll read the tab and visualize what I will be playing and do a bit of air guitar... hehehe, keeping the melody and rhythm in mind, then I'll play it by myself (more than once for the tougher sections) then I'll throw the music on and play along to it when I get comfortable enough.

EDIT: Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm new to the forums!
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No matter how easy the song is, I always play it without the music first to make sure it's actually right. Then, I'll keep practicing certain parts for a while if necessary then just play the whole thing. Then I'll forget about the song for a month.
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