I'm a tenor and when I wake up, no matter what exercises I do, for the next 5-6 hours I can barely use my head voice at all, and that's pretty much where all my range lies.

It's super frustrating and I'm not sure if it's normal.
Yes, after I've had some water. I can get up to an A4 in mix, and in headvoice a D5 or a light mix. For Bb4 to C#5, I need to warm up extensively because I'm still not good at using this particular area yet. After I've warmed up it goes up to an E5. Why would all your range be in head voice? Do you like to take it down low as well?
I think it might be just lack of techinique and consistant practice. Until I worked on my headvoice a lot I also couldn't access it anytime I wanted.
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Sort of. When I've just woken up, I'm too tired to sing.
When I'm fully awake my voice will be much lower, which is very natural. I can hit very solid low-notes at late evenings and mornings, but if I warm up then I'll be able to sing as I normally would.
5-6 hours sounds a little weird. Surely it's not morning anymore then?