Hey guys! I am a 15 year old boy. I have saved up about $1,000 & I want to make my own guitar. I am very EVH-Influenced with my guitar playing, so I am going for a guitar that is good for tapping & fast playing & shit.

Here is what I had in mind:

- Strat-style body
- Floating Floyd Rose tremlo
- Seymour Duncan or EMG Pickups (haven't decided yet)
- Strat-style neck
- Locking nut

I plan on painting the body black, black pickguard & pickups, gold Floyd Rose, gold volume & tone knobs, gold pickup selector switch, gold tuners, gold output jack.

Also, with the body, I am hoping to get a strat-style body that has already been made to fit a Floyd Rose.

Would this be a good guitar? What are some things I can change or add? Remember, this will be the first I have ever made & I am only 15. I want this guitar to be the best it possibly can.

Best advice is to make a cheap as dirt one, or if you can find a £30 one that probably doesn't work and get some new electrics try rebuilding. A guitar ain't easy but is definitely a cool project, just spend a bit of that $1000 on making sure you know what youre doing in the first place. By the sounds of it your guitar idea is already out there some where, but you should be able to make a decent guitar out of that if you know what to do. Oh and practice the paint coats, or if gloss find somewhere willing to help you with gloss.
I agree with curt. I would start smaller. You might make some mistakes and I wouldn't want to have that much money on the line for my first build. Once you get some experience than move on to building your dream guitar.

Also there are probably better sites suited to helping you with this you might want to Google or Bing it.
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Frankly, you could get a kit, and learn to mod from there.

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Start with a good guitar kit, and build it as a practice guitar. Learn the skills required on that before spending money on gold tuners.
Do you have a workbench, tools, or a place to build it? Any adult help? Can you self educate?
Check out my latest "Baby Doc" build and other builders projects at www.realmusiciansforum.com, under Kit builds to see what you're getting into.
Good luck.
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I reccomend buying a busted up Ibanez/Jackson/Squire off some classifieds site/paper and working from there.

Having built an LP when I was 15 (purchased neck, built body) I can tell you that getting intonation and scale length right is fairly tricky without a lot of good tools.

Unless you are buying a neck and body that are matched already, in which case you may as well buy a full guitar with no pickups and cheap hardware, and replace the hardware with better stuff, throw in some sweet pickups etc.

If you can find an unloved/cheap example, a charvel would suit well as a donor.
From the sound of your OP. A kit might be the way to go. Look at guitarfetish.com. just don't get the "light" versions. You can start with the basic components then change them as needed.
I agree with above. The finishing is tough. It may take a couple times of trial and error.
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