Hi friends,

For all fans of guitar music, I just released a new solo CD called "Stardust Requiem" with guest solos by Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Feodor Dosumov, ... it's a 77 minutes CD travelling many different styles, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Film Music, Acoustic, Fusion, ... I've worked more then 4 years to get this project out of the ground, so I really hope you'll like it !

You can listen and buy the CD (digital download) on iTunes and Amazon.com

Or directly from my website (super jewel case) here

Small teaser on Youtube http://youtu.be/vtrh21LzkEM

Some more info :

Important info on the CD :

- 19 track - 77 minutes of eclectical music, official release was 21 Mars 2014
- guitar duels with Tony MacAlpine on "2. Stardust Requiem" www.tonymacalpine.com
- guitar duels with Brett Garsed on "3. Tribute" www.brettgarsed.com
- orchestral arrangements on "6. Flight of the Belgian Bumblebee" and "17. Farewell Ouverture" by film composer Marc Dall'Anese (Arthur and the Minimoys, The Gauntled, ...) www.marcdallanese.com
- "Vent de guitares" by Garlo on two tracks (guitars played by wind on the highest dune of Europe, la dune de Pyla) ventdeguitares.com
- other guest solos on Hans' Blues : Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov, Thomas Ottagalli, ...

Thanks so much for reading me and I hope you'll enjoy the music!


Hans Van Even