not sure if this is the right thread to post this, im sure someone will direct me where to go if this isnt the right place lol.
so! i bought a new axe a few weeks ago and i just wanna know what some of you guys would do in this situation.
i love my axe ive been without one of my own for about 4 years. Everytime i go to buy one i would have to spend my money else where ya know(priorities) bills and what not.
so here i am finally having my own and what happens? a bunch of things start falling through finacial wise. basically meaning i might be forced to sell it. no money coming in and i gotta fix my car not sure if its an expensive fix but the axe is the only thing in my possession worth any money. IM STUCK its like yay i get to spread my wings again but first lets put this road block here. Just dont know what to do, so im speaking out to you fellow axe players.
How much money has playing guitar earned you?

Probably for most of us it is not worth talking about. Not trying to be harsh but if I were you, as tough as it would be I would take care of what you have to take care, pay your bills, dont get yourself in debt, fix the car, get a job so money is coming in and pickup up something terrible for $50-100 so you can at least play in the meantime until you can afford to get something similar.

With that said if you just bought a 'New' guitar you are going to take a hit on resale so measure if that loss justifies selling it. Not sure if that helps but good luck.
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Maybe a pawn loan would be better? You at least would have the opportunity to pay it back after you fix the car and get your guitar back instead of dumping it for way less than you paid.
Anything you sell it for is going to be at least 50% of the value because it's a used guitar now.
Also, like thejester said, buy a cheapo to knock around on until you get some better cash flow going on.
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Yeah, I'm going through the same shit. Car inspection is way out of date and have been pulled over 4 times for it and not gotten a ticket for it YET. Had to pay rent which left me with 40 dollars left. On top of that, I lost my job yesterday (4 years at the same place) and now what d' ya know, I'm eyeing down my guitars for money. Luckily, I've got 15 or so but, I love them all.

It's sad when shit hits the fan financially because it always ends up being the guitars that are 1st to go. Just gotta roll with the punches I guess.
I suppose see if you can get a cheaper one. The same thing happened to me years back and I sold my guitar and cello and went without for a year. I'm not someone that has ever aspired to make a living out of music but it's more of a solitude therapy for me where I can create in my own space. Needless to say that year I felt I was stripped of everything I was and became depressed and started gambling.
when i was a kid my mother was driving me home after buying my 2nd guitar and the entire drive she was nagging about why i bought one with these giant pointy spikes on it instead of a nice strat or something.. she payed so much attention to ranting that she drove trough a red light and crashed into a car, making the sharp-ass headstock of my new wrxt warrior stab me in the ****ing throat :/

no blood or damage tho, only bruises. and 2 wrecked cars. new expensive stuff is cursed.

OP, take your guitar to the streets and try to earn your money back or sell the car and buy a goat or something sucks having to sell your gear due to financial problems
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