Here's the story.

I am looking to buy a telecaster in July/August and because I don't have a big wallet I was going to get a Fender Standard Tele MIM (£420) I had played this guitar in a shop and loved it, loved the low action, the tones and everything else about it.

I'm planning to use it for mostly pop punk (Blink 182, Greenday), modern metal (ADTR), classic rock (Beatles, Stones) and hair metal (Poison, Bon Jovi).

However I have recently had the chance to buy an American made Fender Deluxe Tele normally priced at £1350 for just £530. I won't have a chance to play it before buying it as it's in the USA. Will it still give me the versatility of tones?

Basically will it be just a better version of the MIM tele I played or will it be completely different feeling and sounding?

Thanks in advance,

The MIM will do you just fine, although I don't think a Tele is the right guitar for the sounds you're looking for at all unless you drop some new pickups in there like Hot Rails. I had an old 94 Mexi Standard Tele and I put the hot rails in there, easily the most versatile guitar I owned at the time. I played everything from 80s hardcore punk to prog metal on it. But the stock pickups won't do any of that. Too thin and twangy.
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I have an American Tele and love it of course but if you're just going to play what you listed there, an MIM will be fine. I'm guessing you're not going to be a tone freak based on those bands
Depending on which Deluxe it is,I'd get that for sure!I know the 2010 ones have N3 noiseless pickups,Compound radius fretboard and the ability to use the pickups in series or parralell(More tones!)
Take a loot at the Fender Modern Telecaster, Chinese built fender but it's just as well built as the USA built ones, there is a huge range of tones you can get out of it due to it having a humbucker at the bridge with coil tapping.