A (almost) prog metal song I wrote and recorded a bit of today, need opinions on how to improve it or what not, the drums don't really fit but they're all I could find in the tempo
Sounds pretty good to me. One thing you can do to improve is to double track your guitars, one recorded guitar left pan and the other right. It kind of sounds like you do that later in the song but i'm not sure. Drums could be a little more level with the guitar I think, wouldn't hurt to turn them up a tiny bit. Also how are you recording your guitar? The quality is okay, but it really depends on the kind of equipment someone has access to. Other than that the riffs are pretty cool and the playing is good enough. I liked it!


You like Tool don't you?

As mentioned above, double track your guitars. The drums are actually pretty good. What's your signal chain? Whatever you are using you may want to turn down your treble a tad for recording.


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Not a bad intro. As said, reminds me of Tool I would lower the gain a little bit, get some more clarity. Is there bass at all, as well? Definitely double or quad track. I would try and play a bit tighter, too. For stuff like this, IMO, the beauty lies in the ability to hear everything perfectly (whereas grunge stuff it's in the imperfections).

Writing wise it's not bad! Needs some awesome vocals over top of it, I think. Something ambient and grungy. Bring the drums more forward in the mix! I can barely hear them (or turn the guitars down a bit).

I would add a nice, relaxing lead over it. Something slow and almost droney playing with some weird scales. Specifically over the non-palm muted sections. Could add a lot!

Overall, not a bad start! It needs some layers to spice it up again, but I like where it's going.

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From 1982 to about 4 years ago, I wrote most all of my own drum patterns (I'm not a real drummer), then I got Superior Drummer (my first computer-based drum software), and then other drum software. Sometimes you just have to write your own drum patterns (but yours sounds OK to me). I agree that the drums should be louder. Guitar riffs are good, but the playing could be tighter. Keep at it. Please review "Pitbull" or some other song at this link: