hello fellas ! i have a problem with my guitar .. i just happened to buy a guitar with a 10 watts amplifier .. not the best in the world but for a beginning i was told it was enough ..my problem is that my guitar doesnt sound even close to the songs i listen to .. i was wondering if there is a problem with tuning .. coz i heared there are many types of tuning .. i have an analogic tuner .. but i need information about that ! :/
What songs are you trying to play? Also, with a shitty starter amp and minimal tone knowledge chances are you aren't going to get that similar of a tone anyways.
oh that is motivating :s well kind of songs im trying to play are obvious blues stuff .. albert king ..bb king .. or clapton .. i just want to have that similar sound .. it motivates a lot even with improvising .. for the amp im not willing to make a lot of noise ..i m thinking of using guitar rig 5 who can easily replace the amp.. i have it but i dont know how to set up the effects ..
I would start off by seeing what tunning the song is in. Probably standard. Then go to youtube or google standard guitar tunning and listen to it to see if your tuned right. Then fine tune it with your tunner. Everything else from there is going to be tone tweeking with your guitar and amp. Good luck with it
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Describe what you don't like about the current tone.

What amp is it?

What guitar is it?

the amp is a GA-15 Yamaha and the guitar is a Yamaha Erg 121c ..i know that it's only a beginner s guitar so i dont dream of a perfect tune but only something close to something good :p
Yamaha's are awesome beginner guitars. I don't know much about the amp but I do know that it takes practice messing with the controls to get a good sound.
a multi-effects pedal can turn a cheap amp into something semi-decent.. if the amp is the problem of course.. a used gt-8 shouldn't be to expensive on ebay.

i suggest checking some vids of your amp on youtube and note the tone settings and maybe additional equipment of the ones with the sound you're looking for.

but most importantly.. having a tuned guitar isn't enough. you'll also have to play in the right key
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