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I'm considering these two power supplies for my pedalboard (exact rig below), both can deal with the amount of current I need and both cost (where I live) roughly the same.

DC Brick:
+ Can power all of my pedals seperately (no daisy chains for digital pedals!)
+ Can give the TightMetal an 18V current.
- Requires adapters for different countries.
- Still using cables for AC connection.
- Gets noisy past the 5 pedal mark (according to reviews).
- Slightly more expensive.

+ No cables.
+ Chargable anywhere in the world
+ Dead-silent (according to reviews).
- Still using disy-chains.
- TightMetal working on 9V current.

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter I'd like to hear them

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The DC Brick is not isolated and when I got it, it introduced more noise into my rig than I had before. Went back, swapped for a Voodoo Labs with isolated outputs and everything was as quiet as needed. Stay away from the brick, it's trash.
Get a daisy chain cable that goes from two 9V plugs into one, that'll give 18V as far as I've understood, when it's done right. Or then just get a power unit that will give you 18 volts.

As said above, the DC Brick is a noise creator, using Visual Sound's 1Spot Daisy Chain is far much better than that and at least 4 times cheaper.
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DC Brick is a joke and MXR should feel bad about it.
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