The Epi Korina is a brilliant guitar. I never loved the styling of the Destroyer (and I'm and Ibby wh0re lol). The Agile Ghost is pretty good if you can get your hands on that in the UK. There's also the various ESP copies. Overall your best bet is probably the Epi though. What are you playing on it?
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I'm guessing the japanese copies (like tokai) are pretty good (haven't tried their explorer models, just other guitars), but they're quite hard to come by and the prices have gone up enough that they're not much less than a gibson these days...
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There's only one Explorer for me, and that's the Gibson. I wouldn't mind having a DT-555 though. That was one mean guitar. Shame they go for such serious money used.
One explorer copy I've tried out before that I really liked was called the Hamer standard model. The Hamer company isn't in business anymore, so you'd have to find one used. I think when I last looked they were running about 3-400 bucks used. It had a mahogany body, with Duncan designed humbuckers that had a really thick tone, kind of like a heavier classic les paul style sound, but it was definitely good. They also played really well and seemed to be a high quality guitar.
I would save up and buy a Gibson, had a Jap Tokai and it is just as good as the Gibson. Got a Bacchus Korina Explorer and it is better than them all. Epi Korina's seen to resell well, so if you decide you don't like it you will be able to sell it. Not sure what the neck is like on the Epi Korina, it may be a bit chunky.