Interesting blend; it's a cool idea, but it gets a bit repetitive. You need more variation in the melody; I'd probably try using more synths.

The guitar chugging takes up too much of the mix; you should leave some room for other instruments. I'd try some synth pads or a piano playing some chords to fill out the sound a bit.

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Sounds nice, but you should lower that guitar a little bit, it's getting a little bit up on the mix. Your could bring your hi-hat a little bit up, and use some double bass phrases, no need for crazy stuff though, just a few pair of 16th notes here and there will do.

I don't think you should work much more on the melody, it's good as it is. I just think you could throw some lead guitars in it, like at the end, replacing the synth with a guitar, doing half of it with the synth and half with the guitar, if you decide to do it be careful not to do the transition too abruptly, though.