So all I remember was a guy was laying in an operating room (in china or something) and a little asian woman lifts up a picture and it showed that she had to put something in his dick (or whatever) and then she took his heart out..? Idk I didn't watch it all but I'd like to know what it is.
You watch really weird movies for a high school chick.
Also I feel sorry for you if your occupation really is "****ing ma daddy"
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Perhaps you should maybe go watch something a little more subtitle, like hardcore anal sex or frozen, one of those should do it.
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Where did you watch this?

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
Maybe it was Hard Candy, this movie with Ellen Page where she tricks a pedo into "grooming" her but when she goes to his house she drugs him, when he wakes up he looks down and finds she has castrated him. Good movie.
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It sounds like Space Jam to me.

Yes TS that is definitely a scene from Space Jam (my favorite scene actually)
Definitely Only God Forgives. I remember that scene vividly. You might not remember it though so be sure to watch the whole film through, just in case.
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I don't remember ever seeing that scene in a movie. Of the movies I have seen the one that would most likely have a scene like that is the "The ABCs of Death"
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Yes TS that is definitely a scene from Space Jam (my favorite scene actually)

Where Patrick Ewing is with the therapist and he's all "are there any other areas where you are unable to...perform?"

And Patrick is like, "yeah man, some Asian masseuse bitch took off my pecker. That wasn't a happy ending."

EDIT: Love dat squigglevision.
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It's Crank 2. He's technically dead and they're laughing at his dick, they then give him an artificial heart.

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