Hey guys,

My band has a gig in a month or so and its our first sort of 'big' venue. Our style is Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon all the way to Wolfmother type music. Its at a large auditorium that fits around 1000. We expect around 600-700 people. I play rhythm and i use a Laney TF300 which has an H&H 1x12 in it. Our lead player has a Vox AC50 head and 1960A cab, we both want to play un-miked to make it easier etc.. Will my amp be loud enough to keep up with his 4x12? Or willI be better to hire a 1960A as an extension just to make sure I dont get drowned out in all the sound?
Cheers in advance, Joe
With a venue that big, you should be micing up, period. Sound dispersal and mixing is going to suck ass just coming from your amps on stage to the people way back.
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Bodies absorb sound.

600 bodies absorb A LOT of sound.

Don't be a dumbass, mic up and use a PA.
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What they said.
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Yeah, going unmic'd in such a big venue is a really, really bad idea.

Plus, how will you amplify the vocals?
You don't want the people in the back hearing only the vocals that are coming through the auditorium's PA system, since the guitar and bass will be inaudible to anyone past the first few rows.
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I run sound for a club, you need to mic everything in a venue that big. Or you will get some bad sounds.
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Like everyone else said, you REALLY need to mic.
Otherwise its gonna sound like shit to the audience.

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