I know the 400 and the 401 is the same guitar, except the finishes and colors, just don't know, is the 400 made in Korea?
What about ec 500? Any difference?
400 are indonesian, id go with 500 since its Korea for sure. betetr quality, higher number
The 401 is made in Vietnam and Korea. I don't think they make the Indonesian ones anymore which would be the 400. I also think for a time the 500 was also made in Indonesia, but it switched to the World Musical factory in Korea and their Vietnam factory.

The 500 is essentially the same as the others. I do wish they would bring back their trans red finish. IMO it was one of their better finishes.

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400 should be Korean. I don't think I've seen a 400 that is not.

The 401 will most likely be the worst of the bunch, probably by far.

I haven't actually played a 500, but I've heard good things.

The 400 might be a different style. The 401 and 500 are the modern carved top ECs, but years ago the ECs were flat top "super-Pauls". Some people have different preferences. I like the carved tops. But definitely look into that, think about which one you'd prefer.

I believe the old flat tops also have that massive cutaway that the fixed bridge H's have.
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