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dear all,

I have a project that I want to do.

Basically I want to be able to play a note on a guitar connected to a PC, that then types a letter on the pc. (like rocksmith)

The most important keys can be plotted on 3 strings x 12 frets, see my current plan here:

I know there are a lot of processes involved in this but what I want to ask people here, is if they know if such a project has already been made?

I can see several people searching for this but did not find any solutions yet.

If nobody knows anything I will do it, but will like to ask you people here if you have heard about anything exisiting first.

thank you for your time
I've seen someone doing this on YouTube before, but I can't remember the details. He was definitely playing his guitar and typing with notes though!

just found some more info on this google search: guitar type letters
i used letters instead of notes

i will maybe write him and maybe look more also

i want to make the device with a jack to usb cable though as used in rocksmith, and not as he has made it shown in the link
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I confess I've not read any of the links but a couple of options instantly spring to mind.

The first is obviously analysing the USB port directly and mapping the input signal to an ASCII code.

Alternatively, it also seems that you ought to be able to take advantage of someone having done at least half the work already: http://jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar/

It strikes me that it's a short step from MIDI notes to keyboard characters. Although now that project has matured it has become considerably more pricey.