On the website Ebolmer.com (electric guitar and base wireless sistem) there is a 16£ discount offer, now the price is just 36£.
Here is the link: http://www.ebolmer.com/concurso.htmllag=eng
Its not the first time I hear about this system and actually I have been meaning to forget about the wires especially for the rehearsals.
It looks like a good deal but I would like to read more opinions.
As far as I have read in other forums it works perfectly, no interference or noise caused by mobile phones, it has a good battery life (as I read about 10 hours) and covers about 15 meters (50 feet)
I think it's a good prize and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try it, but before I do I wanted to know if you´ve heard of it or have good opinions about it.
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And you should quit spamming to try and get others to buy it as well...
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Lol yeah, if it was such a good deal why would you post the link for everyone else to buy it before you?
I think if you want a good wireless system, it's worth spending top dollar on one.

Repost this under Guitar Gear & Accessories and remove the link you have provided...a little too spammy.
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Finally, I bought it.
No interference, or noise. Good autonomy.
I am satisfied.

I am happy that you are satisfied. Would you like to satisfy me?