Hi Guys, I'm new here, been lurking for a while...

So i have a new project, restoring an old Carvin DC127 neck through.

Its a nasty pink, I want to strip it down to the wood, then die it.

Should I use heat or chemicals? Worried about messing up the fretboard.

any advice?


Don't know,,haven't tore it apart yet. (waiting to receive it)

if you saw the condition of this paint,,,,,,,,, any wood would better!
You could always sand it. Just cover up the fretboard with masking tape or something like that. Then just be careful around the edges. Even if you sand the side of the freboard a bit it won't be a big deal.
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Thanks for your comments.

So sand the neck, wondering about using heat on the body....it's a neck through thinking about the glue used in the body lamination. I have worked with a heat gun and chemical strippers before with basic furniture,,, but never on a guitar.

just not sure about the glues used in guitars..

might go with chemical strip on 90%, then sand... touchy areas.
Be prepared to clog up a fair bit of sandpaper with a lot of nasty clear poly dust..
I have had great success with paint stripper and a metal scraper on most finishes ... care is still needed

In other words dont use heat. It can and likely will damage your guitar.
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