This Kemper is like-new, dead-mint, not a single scratch on it. It still has the plastic on the display! Comes with the original box and manual. Save yourself $333 and buy a Kemper that's in the same condition as you'd buy it new! The ONLY REASON this is being sold, is to fund a move into a new location - I will be buying another of these at a later date!

$1800 Shipped, CONUS. Will ship international at buyer's expense!

This is currently listed on Reverb.com, and my store is a Preferred Seller, which means you can check out with a credit card and make payments on it, if you don't have the cash now Unfortunately, I can't really waiver much on the price there (fees will be too much), but if you'd like to do a deal off of the site, I'm open to offers, please PM and we can work something out!

No trades!
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