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I'm writing to see if others relate to this. I used to read a LOT of sci-fi / fantasy novels. One series I loved was the Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffery. Maybe top 3 series of all time, in my mind. (Don't worry, no spoilers in here, I think.)

A big part of the series involved musicians who had a special guild and their own Hall (castle) for training purposes. One of the major story lines involved a boy who was brought to the Hall for education (a great honor that most have to pay for) because he had an amazing singing voice, and he was at the head of his class for years.

Then, one day as he hits puberty, his voice starts to change, and he could no longer sing. He never studied anything else, so now he has to learn to play instruments. One of the things they try to teach him is guitar. He has to go pick out a practice guitar from the workshop where they have relatively crappy instruments made by students learning the art of guitar making. He tries guitar after guitar. Some look really great, but there's something wrong with all of them, no matter how pretty some look. Then he finds a really old, weathered guitar covered in dust on a back shelf, with broken strings. He strings it and plays it and the tone is sweet and pure and such. So, though it's rather plain/ugly, he chooses it.

Turns out, it was made by the greatest guitar maker the Hall ever knew, when he'd been a student there. So the boy's perseverance and listening to his ear, not being swayed by appearances, paid off, and he found the "diamond in the rough."

Well, that's not a big part of the series, just a very tiny sub-sub-plot. But it always stayed with me, and I think of it when I shop for a guitar. It just was on my mind because I went guitar shopping earlier this week and had one of those moments, found a "diamond in the rouge" after playing every guitar in this little shop and almost leaving empty handed. Was wondering if others knew the series or thought of this when they went shopping for a guitar.

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