I have Googled but struggle to get a clear cut answer for STRUMMING in particular.

The index finger on my strumming hand splits n chips and I have had to file it down to almost no white tip. So I want get an Acrylic nail put on. Has anyone done this, and can you testify to the fact that it stays on, and doesn't destroy the nail beneath?

I can't testify to the Acrylic nail, but I use some stuff called Nail Envy, it's incredible. I play fingerstyle plucking with my nails and strum using my index finger, i never have a problem playing guitar.

Slamming my nails into the occasional door is a different story.
i played with acrylics for 15 years, both strumming and fingerstyle, and acrylics rock. that being said, when they put on the nail or the overlay, they rough up the nail below for adhesion, so the actual application has to damage the nail/overlay or they won't stick as well.

i hear good things about playing using gel nails, which are painted on and cured with UV light - little or no damage, although it's thinner so the tone isn't as warm as acrylics.
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Thanks guys. i have been using Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps, which is described as a Powerful Acrylic Gel... But it chips off. 15 years testimonial on acrylics is enuff for me thanks.
I have no personal experience with using acrylic nails, but I have read this blog post: http://nylonguitarist.net/nails/

The author of that is clearly against using them because basically they prevent oxygen from getting to the actual nail, which will make it fragile and grow slower. What you want is oxygen to get to your actual nails because that's what they need to grow healthily. Of course accidents can happen close to performances in which case you may have to use them if necessary.
i haven't had problems with my nails growing slower - in fact, they grow too fast. most of the damage caused by acrylics is from the process of roughing up the nail to put them on and from ripping them off, which takes off more nail. remember, there's still natural nail on the underside of the nails, so if they do need to breathe, which seems debatable since they're technically dead like your hair is, they still have that underside surface area.

i can't speak for everyone when it comes to acrylics, but for what it's worth, i've used more than ten different nail techs over the years, and i've worked with several male players who have used them for years with no issues other than mine. one thing is if you wait too long between fills, moisture can collect and you can end up with nail fungus. i got rid of mine 3 times by using athlete's foot cream on the area for a couple weeks.
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