Is that a lot to pay for a space? I used to do hourlys but I drum and I needed a space to move leave them. For $300 I got a 300ft2 place for myself and its only 15 minutes away even in bad traffic. (I live in chicago). There are also drum shares for $200 but it takes a half-hour to an hour and I have to share with 4 other drummers. I can't bring people up here. The only thing I like is security here but I can't decide what to do. My bandmates live close to this location too unfortunately. Is $300 a lot for myself? Has anyone paid that much themselves?


-Looking into getting my own space
-one for $300 close to me, security is ok. Far from bandmates
-another is for $200. not far but a lot of traffic. Just drums only but free hourly rehearsals for bandmates
-what do? Is $300 a lot of myself? Anyone pay that much?

Also I'm in chicago so if anyone has recommendations let me know
$300 what? $300 once? $300 a month?
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For $300 I got a 300ft2 place for myself

Am I reading that wrong? 300 ft seems like a huge space to keep your drums.
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Its 300 a month.

and yea 300ft2. Its pretty big.

I thought about converting it into a chill spot/workshop for musical equipment/practice spot.

But idk $300 is a lot and other places are kinda far and around the same price give or take.