Hello everyone!

This is a long shot... but here goes!
The nut on my pacifica 112V came off and, before I go and glue this plastic and cheap nut back, I was thinking of just sticking something better in there.
The problem I am having is that I can't find the measures for the nut (or any pre-slotted nut that fits my pacifica).

So here goes the one million dollar question... Does anyone know the measures for the nut on the pacifica 112v? Even better... does anyone know of a commercial available nut I can get?

Bring it to a guitar/music store and compare it to the nuts they have. They will usually be able to pull them out of the box for you to compare. I think they use the same spacing as a Stratocaster though.
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Hello and thank you!

I just ordered a graph tech nut. But the thing is, I am not totally sure about the dimensions!
This is why I was hoping to find any owners or modders that know where to get an exact pre-slotted nut to fit the pacifica.

I guess I will eventually bring it to a luthier, but I decided to try asking around in this forum first! You never know...
Bumping it, in the hope anyone with some "inside" expertise has some advise.
I have measured the nut and I got:
Length- 40.5mm +-.5mm
Height- 6.5mm +-.5mm
Depth (at base)- 5mm +-.5mm
E to e- 34mm +-.5mm

I can't really find anything from Graph tech that would fit this (even if I sand it a bit). Any advise? Specially solutions that don't require me becoming a sculptor!
The main thing is the e to e spacing, and making sure the nut is tall and wide enough, it comes with sand paper to make adjustments, you just dont want there to not be enough material to make it fit. But like I said, getting the E to E is important, you can be off a little bit, but not alot.