For whatever reason, my death growls sound excellent in the mornings, and they are still somewhat difficult to push out, but they aren't nearly as difficult to push out in the mornings as they are during the afternoon and night time. They also sound way better in the mornings too. I have tried not practicing in the morning and waiting until the afternoon, and even then, the same thing happens... So it isn't because I'm making myself hoarse in the mornings or anything like that. Does anybody know why this might be going on, and if there is a way to keep my growl sounding good and being relatively easy to achieve during not just the mornings, but the entire day as well?
Thank you in advance.
Most folks are a little growlier in the morning, both vocally and emotionally speaking. Haven't you ever noticed you are a bit more gruff in the morning? However, this effect cannot really be extended throughout the day and doing so would almost certainly turn into long term damage (you are basically dried out and your vox folds are more apt to slam together as they are not warmed up and ready for use. Bassically, your voice is still asleep too).

You just need to learn to growl correctly and you won't have to rely on any time of day to do it. Right now, it's more of an artificial thing, I assure you.
You know this is a real thing. Idk if you've noticed this as well, but your vocals should really open up after a workout. And after having a few beers. Its wierd. But I read one time that Bruce Dickinson always roller blades in the parking lot before his shows because it opens up his vocals.