It's pretty great! I also like the guitar tone. Critically I'd say that maybe the repeat of the main section at about 2:00 sounds a bit redundant as it is, so I would've modulated it to a secondary key to create a contrasting sound and then return. Also, regarding the drums' sound they occasionally feel a bit too computerized (mainly the bass). I'm not sure what program you've used but check if there's an option to get something more realistic.

If you don't mind there's an instrumental I just posted - It's currently just a Guitar Pro preview so sound-wise it is rather crappy at the moment, but it demonstrates the compositional structure:

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Pretty cool, I think some vocals would make this interesting, also maybe some drum rythm changes and fills or different riffs as it was a little repetitive to me.
If you went for an epic battle feel (which I think you did lol), you achieved it, but it's more like the warriors on their way to the battle. Maybe you could add some agressive sounding sections to emulate the battle, don't know if you get what I mean :P

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