I've been playing guitar on and off for a couple of years (wouldn't say I'm good at all) can play some songs most open chords and work out some strumming patterns to songs(easy ones).

I've recently decided to put some more time into playing my guitar and have come to feel like a complete and utter idiot while trying to looking into music theory behind chords and Keys.

I'm not too sure how someone can take a song and make it sounds "right" from two different chord progressions.

take for example demons by Imaginary dragons.

1 tab says Play the whole song with these chords:

C G Am F

and another tab is playing completely different chords - D Bm G A

2nd thing is I believe a capo put on a different fret changes the key of the song but does it also change individual notes of the frets? or do they stay the same

The notes you are playing are the same as without the capo. The fifth fret from the nut is the fifth fret from the nut. Playing the third fret of the A string will always produce a C on a guitar tuned to standard tuning. Most TABs do tab out in relation to the capo, as if the capo was the nut though, so a if you play a E chord with a capo on the second fret you're really playing an F# chord.

You can transpose keys by moving all of the chords up the same number of steps/half-steps to better fit a singers range, but it is the same progression in essence, eg the same intervals between the chords played.

I am far from the most versed on this subject, but that is my understanding of it. You might get some better answers in the musician talk or maybe guitar techniques forums or the like though. There are some really well learned folks in there that should be able to explain it a lot better than me.

Hope it helps.

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