Do you think an AM Standard sounds better than a Classic Player 60?

If yes, could I make a CP60 sound as good as an AM ST just changing pickups and maybe something else ...?
Ah the old "if I buy something cheap can I make it as good as something expensive if I do a bunch of stuff to it?" chestnut.

sometimes you can (e.g. an ibanez rg1570 is essentially a 3550 with crappier pickups and slightly different cosmetics, so swap the pickups on the 1570 and it'll be pretty darn similar), but most of the time probably not. it's normally not a great idea to buy something cheap with the intention of doing it up because you still have the cheaper item in the end and you won't get your money back on the upgrades (plus the upgrades might up the price to where you're within range of the dearer item anyway). different if you already have the cheap thing and don't want to sell it.

that being said, regarding the tone, a fair bit of preference and dependent on the exact type of tone you want, too. I'm not sure I'd say the CP60 categorically sounds "worse" than a USA Standard Strat, either. The CP has late 60s-style pickups while the USA standard has (fat) 50s-style pickups, so if you were after hendrix tones, say, the CP might even be "better".

Obviously build quality etc. will affect things too and I'm guessing the USA standard is probably objectively "built better", but yeah in terms of the tone... you'd really need to try the two head-to-head, ideally a couple of each.
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They most likely sound very similar. How they feel and the quality control are the big difference.

Look for a used MIA.
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