Hey Guys! It has been a long while since I last posted on the forums. I've been rather busy with life, but I find time to make music when I can relax.

So I'm not sure how you would categorize a song like this. Something dark, electronic and symphonic comes to mind for me, but I am going to conclude a CD with this song to wrap things up. Some inspiration that went into this are but not limited to: Immanifest, Carach Angren, A Hill to Die Upon, Hans Zimmer and such like ones. Granted even though this is not a metal song, I took elements found in their compositions and interpreted it in a symphonic way....somehow and aimed to tell a story with only music.

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty dang long infact, 9 minutes.

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Maybe we could call this Symphonic Black Electronic .

You should cut off some repetitions, they are a little bit annoying sometimes.

Song is almost perfect, just need some guitars and light speed double bass and you're good to go!
i think the electronic parts are really well done. i like how the string synths are written as well, good use of passing notes, but they sound a little cheesy because they are really synthy. maybe more detailed articulation would make it seem a little more organic.

the descending lines at 5:30 are cool too. it really gives it an extra something. the warping key alterations throughout are pretty convincing.

it does repeat too much for a standalone song. but for a soundtrack for a game, this is perfect.
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