Hi, I know its not directly related to guitar, but it is to music in general, but I've been thinking of building my own headphones, as I bet my friend you could probably make them for cheaper than buy them completed

So basically I think I need to know a supplier for the shell for it (or if there's some way I can customise this completely) Maybe I need to buy just the bit that goes over your head and the actaull bit the headphones gp into seperately. Give me advice.

And then I will need the actual speakers and lead, which army too hard to find really.

So give me advice on good websites/ places I can get the parts above. By the way I live in Britain, so unless its relatively cheap to ship Id prefer Brish companies.

I admire your ambition, but have you agreed on a set of headphones you're going to be cheaper than?

I very much doubt you can beat these:
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Yeah i bought some Tascams that are really nice for 16 bucks. Not only that but you can get earbuds for a couple bucks at a dollar store. You cant really make headphones cheaper and as nice really because companies specialize in cheap mass production. Go for it though