You could also say formally Askival too whilst your at it, and technically you could also probably say Falloch as I understand some of the left over Askival stuff went into Falloch. I genuinely wonder if Andy will ever release two albums under the same band name haha.

This is a track from the newest album which is up for preorder.

Yet again sound like it has the potential to be magnificent. Some of the best blending of folk and metal I've come across for a while now. But I think the stand out thing about this (and all of Andy's bands for that matter) is the melodies. Beautiful, sorrowful, yet triumphant all at the same time. The only thing I'm not sure about at the moment is the production, but it is a youtube stream so it may well sound different once it's here.
Technically he's grandfathered the Saor name onto Roots, so I guess theoretically this is the second album released under the name Saor?

The Saor logo looks like shit though. I liked the Àrsaidh logo much better.

The new track does sound magnificent though.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Anyone got round to listening yet?

I'm on my third play through at the moment. Still feel like I need a couple of listens to familiarise myself with it, but there's a lot to like so far.
I am giving it a listen right now (need to stay awake till ARG v NED), but my tiny speakers aren't doing it justice or perhaps the production is indeed dodgy...I might need to put my headphones in. Nice main folk melody though. Not a fan of the chug style rhythm guitar.