I've played a bass a few times at school, not often but I like the sound and it seems like something pretty unique to play, compared to a standard guitar. There is also quite a lot of need for bass, if I'm not mistaken the deepest notes, especially at the beginning of "Another one bites the dust" are only achievable by a bass. 4 string, affordable and quality instruments only!! I won't use an amp for now and use my computer instead!
Something second hand: CV/VM Squiers, Ibanez SR300, Yamaha/Peavey/Cort, etc.

If you're set on something new then the only thing that will fit your budget is an Ibanez GSR of some kind, I'd recommend saving up at least £250 before you buy something brand new.
Personally, I would go for a Classic Vibe Squier Jazz or Precision, maybe a Vintage Modified PJ.

Again, though, second hand is your best bet. Check out: Basschat - Bass for sale.

As for a new PC, just get some more RAM and the latest budget GPU.
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What sort of music do you wish to play?

You say you'll use your PC as an amp. How will you connect the bass to it?
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Mah gear

Ibanez RG350mdx w/ SD TB-6
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