Hey all,first post here so yea,need some help regarding this subject. So what I was wondering is are there people here that actually use Soundfonts with Guitar Pro (any version) and what are your opinions on it?
I personally like using it cause GP is a nice notation software and very handy so eliminating that Microsofts MIDI soundbank with somewhat realistic samples is a great thing, well at least for me.
Yeah I know Soundfonts can be used within other software more efficiently (DAWs, TUX etc) but I think GP users would find this interesting, idk I just find it quite useful with Soundfonts. Maybe Im wrong idk.
So if there are people out here actually using this combo,Id be grateful,cause I ran into some minor issues that I cant seem to find solutions anywhere.
So yea, feel free to to convince me to stop using SFs with GP
I'm interested in hearing more about this. I don't know too much about it, but I've heard GP/Tux compositions using soundfonts that at times nearly sound studio quality (the orchestral/synth instruments). At the very least, passable as a demo of your song.
I do use GP6 and I'm a somewhat advanced user, but what happens is that I never really get it sounding the way I want, particularly distortion guitars and electric clean (I gave up on GP dist guitars years ago, they're a joke).
I'm tired of GP6 banks and want something that sounds better. I do think most people that go for a real quality mix/demo use DAW VSTs that aren't free but I've really heard good things about SF and curious to hear other opinions & examples as well.
Oh great,thanks for replying,I knew theres someone that will find interest in this subject
I'm a GP5.2 user,didn't really try all the features from GP6 but yea it does gets boring with RSE especially with 5.2,it sounds so lifeless to me. Also what I really like about SF is how you can create an instrument by yourself, it is time consuming at some point but very rewarding in the end. And theres tons of free libraries that have really good quality samples. When I first started using SF instead of GP MIDI soundbanks is how the drums can sound really realistic and massive. Other instruments like guitars can be tricky kinda but it is all possible. The only downside of SFs is that you can't eliminate the "machine gun" effect as far as I know.
This is a great alternative to all the VST pricey stuff that some people cannot afford.
You should try this and see for yourself how the GP actually can sound quite cool, maybe even better than RSE to me.
Maybe I'll post some examples just for comparison as soon as I can.
Well, here is some comparisons I managed to get. Its nothing special for now...The tabs I recorded are from RSE folder. As for the SF2 examples its all coming from GP5 itself via Coolsoft VirtualMIDI Synth that uses SF2 for the sound:
Acoustic Blues - GP5 RSE
Acoustic Blues - SF2
Funky Blues - GP5 RSE
Funky Blues - SF2
I honestly prefer SF2 over RSE, because SF2 can be dynamic but the SF2 used in these examples are not HQ that much especially the overdrived guitars (to me personally) so theres room for improvement always.
Fanapathy,Id like to hear the GP6 RSE version of these same tabs just for comparison,if you are able to post. Im not a GP6 user so...
Ill post some other examples in the future if anyone is interested.