Hi all,

Can I run my guitar through my tube amp head into the behringer ultra-g straight into my mbox mini without also running it to a cab? I'm worried about frying my amp. Thanks!
Doing that you'd fry the ultra-g and a fuse if your amp's smart, or the output section if the amp's not smart.

The behringer is a DI box, made to adapt the impedance of a guitar's output to a mixing console's input.
You don't need that in any case since your mbox already has a high impedance input (for guitars and shite).
What you need to do that is a loadbox like the rivera rockcrusher.

Stick to amp sims for now if you like simple stuff, we have a sticky about that.
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Thanks, I was afraid of that.

I'm looking for a way to silently record amps that don't have a built in DI line; any suggestions?

thanks again
DI's with Load boxes will allow you to keep voltages right. You can even get ones that have built in amp sims and stuff, but they're pretty expensive.

I have a load box my dad made that just has a speaker in it that's glued and shredded so it doesn't make a sound. Use it to use it to get the DI from my HT1.
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