Hey all!

I've got a Schecter Damien Elite from around 2011. Its a pretty nice guitar, strat shaped body, EMG 81/85 pups, 24 rosewood frets, downtunes fairly well with the right strings and all. Picked it up for around $400-$500 (can't remember specifically.)

The other day I was at my local shop and fell in love with this Gibson Les Paul Junior. It had a satin white finish, played really well, stock pups were active and surprisingly decent (I'd probably switch them out though). It ran around $600-$700. I played it through a tubed Peavey, and just couldn't put it down. I feel like it had more beef than my Schecter did, and more clarity on the high end to.

I'm considering trading in my Schecter and putting that cash towards the LPJ. I want to know if any of you think this is either a good or bad move. Any opinions on the LPJ would be greatly appreciated. I hear they're pretty decent for the money, with some tweaks here or there.

Thanks guys!
Seems like the Schecter is a nicer guitar, but if the LPJ feels better to you, then you have your answer. See if you can drop some cash and put it on layaway, then sell your Schecter on Craigslist or something. Shops bend you over on trade-ins. And just because that one felt good, don't buy another one blind. The feel will vary between individual instruments.
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I have a Schecter Damien Solo Elite and I personally love it. It's up to you though if you really like the LPJ. I have a Gibson Nighthawk, which is probably my least favorite to play out of all my guitars now (thinking about trading it in towards an American Tele), so I'm not the biggest Gibson fan. I've heard pretty good things about the LPJ's though and for the price it's a pretty good deal, but at the same time I think Schecter makes some amazing guitars.
The LP Junior and the LPJ are two very different guitars. Which is it that you're looking at?

I'm personally not a fan of the LPJ (J stands for Junque), but the Junior is fine.