Im pretty new to playing so I don't know how to adjust the settings on the rp255 to get the sound I am looking for. I am trying to play Avril Lavignes My happy ending. I know its old but she was one of my favorite artist back in middle school. I have the chords and and play the song but I am having trouble getting the sound correct. When I connect the rp255 to my computer and open x-edit you can adjust all sorts of settings. Can only tell me how to at least get the sound close to the distorted guitar? I know it will not be exact but I think I should be able to get it closer than what it is. The amp I am using is just a Fender 25R. I do not know what to put the bass, treble,gain, middle, or reverb at on that either. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
I went and listened to a few bits of the song you're talking about... When it comes to a gainy power chord sound always go to the Rectify amp setting... It's modeled after a Mesa Dual Rectifier and will usually be your best shot at getting a higher gain sound.

It might be best if you lean how to operate the pedal with the onboard controls first.

I have an rp355 so i think yours is similar.

Click on the edit button until you get to the amplifier row and turn the first knob until you see Rectify. Then look on the screen diagram and see what other parameters are in that row that can be changed with the other knobs. I think it will be the amps gain and it's level... always make sure to check the amp level and amount of gain before you leave the amp row.

Next find the distortion row if yours has it and figure out which distortion pedal model you want to use. Before you leaving the section look at the diagram and see what parameters it offers with that model such as amount of gain or other stuff like low/mid/high and its overall volume level etc. each one will be different in the distortion/stompbox models.

The setting on your main amp, the Fender will drastically alter how the pedal sounds. If you're on boost channel or have the Fender set for high gain and your pedal is all high gain amp/distortion settings and can cause way too much overall gain that will sound terrible.

You can try to run the pedal into the clean channel of the amp and see how you like it. Also be mindful the pedal probably has an EQ section and that it may interfere with whatever setting you have the Fender EQ set at. You can either try to balance the two EQ's or just make sure you have the EQ on the RP turned off.

Usually the first row on the RP shows the name of whatever preset you're on and should have the overall master volume in that row and thats also important that you make sure to check and make sure it isn't down really low.

When it comes to bass/middle/treble always start the knobs at 12 o clock and go from there. Reverb is usually not needed for this type of stuff but you might try a little here and there.
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that is the video.

seems pretty straight forward. run you EQ (bass, middle, treble) flat (all at the midway point), you could run the mids on 6 or 7 if you want.

the pedal emulates amps and has a number of distortion pedal style effects, so you could get that sound a number of ways.

-use a modern sounding amp like a rectifier or soldano with the gain cranked
-use a clean amp with the gain turned down, like a '65 twin, with a distortion pedal like a rat proco
-use a tubescreamer running into a marshall model, you'll want the gain on the amp around 7 and the gain on the pedal around 2 or 3 (maybe higher depending on preference)

those would all be good ways of going about
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