I am a complete newbie when it comes to effects and distortion. Im trying to get the sound that avril lavigne uses for my happy ending. I can play the song just can't get the sound right. I have the digitech rp255 and use x-edit to change all the settings. Can someone give me some pointers cause I have no clue how to do this and what all the settings mean. Any help is appreciated.
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Seriously though, I'm gonna go out on a limb without listening to the song and just assume it's a basic distortion sound. Cycle through the digitech's amp models until you find one with a distorted sond, turn up the amp gain setting to like 8 or 9, and there ya go.

Edit: Because I can't stand to give potentially bad advice, I went ahead and just listened to the song. As I suspected, all the main parts should be fine with just any distorted amp model, with the gain up. There a couple other guitar tracks that show up throughout, though. For the cleaner sound that shows up mixed in with the main guitar, in the second pre-chorus, and throughout the bridge, use the same amp model you settle on for the main guitar, but pull the gain back to like 5 or 6, and add a little bit of a chorus effect. There's a little bit of a lead melody over the repeating chorus in the end, and for that, the main guitar sound should be fine, maybe with a little treble boost, and you could add a slight delay to make it sound cool.
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