I recently acquired a no-name bass from a friend of mine for $10. There are some problems with the bass and I am planning on fixing them as yet another project on top of my 4 current ones. There are electrical, finish, and fret problems. The biggest problem is the nut. I have no idea why or how this mutilation was carried out, but my best guess was that it was formerly a guitar nut poorly modified to be slotted for a bass. Anyway, I will be documenting my adventure with this poor bass. I attached some baseline photos.
photo 1 (2).JPG
photo 2 (2).JPG
photo 3 (2).JPG
photo 4.JPG
Thanks for the idea. I'll put in an order for some steel frets from Warmoth. Today I completely disassembled the bass and went on to start stripping the paint. The bridge is crusty and gross so I need to clean that off. The electronics are in worse condition than I expected. I also removed the horrendous nut easily with a pair of pliers.
The grounding is super sketchy. At one point two bare wires are poorly tied together without any covering or solder or anything. One pot is alright functionally, but the guy that screwed her up in the first place crushed and damaged the split shaft beyond repair. One pot is perfectly fine, but some of the solder joints aren't great. The only component I really need to replace is the one pot. Going into this, I was hoping I would just have to blow out the pots.
Thanks for showing me my new favorite site. My recent work on this project has only been stripping the paint of the body.