What's up? My name is Corbin, I'm 24 and from Naperville, IL. I just left a deathcore-ish band of 5 years (with a decent amount of live experience) to pursue a different musical direction. Currently, I'm really only looking for a guitarist to jam with and build a musical project out of; or even a drummer that has the pace and skill to go in the direction I'm looking.

I have been playing guitar for just about 13 years and I have currently been rocking out on the same guitar I started with (though it has been modified over the years). The equipment I currently play with is a 6-string [lefty] Yamaha Pacifica and a Peavey Vypyr 100 (and it's Sanpera II pedal).

The heaviest influences in my play style are reminiscent of As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage, others including Slipknot, Ill Nino, All That Remains, Whitechapel, Thy Art is Murder and Behemoth (just to name a few).

I would prefer musicians around the Naperville area, though I'm definitely willing to trek out to other Chicago suburbs. In my last band, our closest member to me (and my brother, who was the vocalist) was our other guitarist in Des Plaines, next with our bassist in Waukegan and our drummer in Antioch (1hr 30min drive...) so I am used to the dreadful long drives for band practices.

If you think you fit the profile, I would love to jam! I already have some definite material that I would like to bounce off of other musicians! If you're more of a lead guitarist, that would be a plus because most of my experience lies in being a rhythm guitarist. I look forward to anyone interested!