I really like this guy's playing but I don't know what genre it falls into, or how I could learn to play like he does. He goes up and down the neck a lot of the time but I don't really now how to do that. I know vertical scale and a ton of e minor scales including a aeolan and some Dorian ones but I don't slide around or anything and my licks are no where near as interesting as his. I know it's going to take a lot of time to get like that but how should I continue?
Just checked him out now, so I only have a passing familiarity with his style - but what strikes me is that he has an excellent knowledge of the "boxes" that scales sit in on the guitar neck. Nothing he plays is particularly technically difficult, but he moves extremely well between scales, and modes of those scales.

My advice to you (assuming you haven't done this already):

-Learn Major/Minor/Dorian/Aeolian on single strings, just moving up the neck. So the E major scale starts on open E and ends on the 12th fret. That will give you an appreciation of where you can jump to when you want to move up.
-Practice moving your solos between two iterations of the same scale. By that I mean, for example, play Am pentatonic (what a scale, lol) in the usual 5th fret position, and practice moving front here into the position at the 10th fret, still Am pentatonic.

I've included these two iterations here for reference, but you can do it with any scale/mode.


-Learn some of his licks, slowly. Work them out if he's not already tabbed them, it could possibly take a long time but it will give you a definite appreciation for his individual style.

It's worth noting as well that he seems to have an excellent idea of what scales are best used over certain chord progressions, so you might want to do some reading on how to improvise modally over chord progressions.

Hope that helps!
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How to play like somebody? Learn to play their songs. That's the best way to do it.

It's good to know the scales but it's more important to know how to use them. To learn somebody's style, it's good to play by ear. Tabs can't tell everything - they just tell the notes to play. But style is more than just notes. Also, by learning by ear you'll also get a better ear and playing your own solos gets a lot easier.

But yeah, there are lots of this kind of instrumental solo guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert to name a few. Their style may be a bit more rock-ish, though (and I would say they have a bit more distinctive style).
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