I found this website that does a bunch of song analyses for pop songs: http://popmusictheory.com/

I thought that the people here might be interested in this because the main problem I have with learning music theory (at least without a teacher) is that there often is no guided example that I can refer from.
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Dude I feel sorry for you......U Like Pop!!!! And ur supposedly a guitarist

What are you 12?

EDIT: Nope, 24 apparently.
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What are you 12?

EDIT: Nope, 24 apparently.

Double the 12-year-old?

Seriously, though, that's a pretty cool site.
Wait, it's got polyrhythms in T Swizzle, I'm sold.
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Not bad. I was expecting a bunch of bullshit which falls apart (theory-wise) quickly, like a lot of other "pop theory" sites.
^ Agreed. I remember that last one that was posted was kind of iffy. I was looking up i knew you were trouble by taylor swift (I don't have any street cred to lose ) and it said the whole piece was major, and even with my limited grasp on music theory that sounded iffy to me because I figured it went to the relative minor in the chorus. This site agrees with me.
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