I'm working on a thing, and I need a jazz tune, preferably with a high energy bebop kind of style, where a trumpet or saxophone solo begins with a loud sustained single note.

I'm only a casual jazz listener myself (not cool enough) so I'm having trouble finding something that fits this. I've searched on youtube a good bit, but can't find anything. I thought it would be faster to ask you guys. You guys are cool right? At least some of you. Right?
Yeah. Long, held out notes are the antithesis of bebop. You're gonna have trouble finding that.
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Let's get this straight. You want Bebop that has a sustained note at the start of a solo?
As that is not even vaguely idiomatic of Bebop you're going to have an extremely hard time finding something that fits that description, if such a thing does actually exist, which is unlikely.
Do you know what Bebop is? Listen to some Charlie Parker (or any other Bebop player) and it'll be clear why you can't find what you're searching for.
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Maybe this?

Listen for the break before the trumpet solo.


Not quite intrusive enough.

Since the pit is full of pedants I'm going to broaden this up a bit. It's not that important if it's bebop or a single note, the important thing is that it's loud and intrusive and sustains for about 2 seconds. I was planning on using the opening of this:


but it's just about a second or so too short.

Inb4 "THAT@S NOT BEBOP JAZZ PLEB". I know, dickheads.
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I'm not sure if this is what you're asking for. But the intro to Rhapsody in Blue has a long , high pitched sustained note.

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