I wouldn't normally post stuff like this, but my final exams for my Masters are looming (4 days!!!) and I really don't have the time to invest in learning the video editing and animating skills I need!

Basically, I've created a video and I need certain pictures and audio overlayed on the main video, for example thunder and lightning with sound effects, pictures of footballs flying around and so on. The video is a minute long, and I only need around 7/8 animations adding in. I'm not looking for top quality editing, quite the opposite actually, I'd prefer a rough looking job as that contributes somewhat to the humour.

If anyone is willing to help me out and do this for me, I'll be more than willing to chuck some compensation your way, or to a charity of your choosing. I have a deadline of the end of the weekend so if anyone has spare time tonight/tomorrow it would seriously be appreciated! If I had the time, I'd learn how to do it myself (I've already spent hours editing the master footage down into a minute long montage - not the greatest with video editing) but this is just a step too far, especially with university commitments!