So, My friends and I made a song which consist of chords E , B and A
I was wondering how can i make a lead guitar solo to be used on the song
I know pentatonic scale, but dont know how to use them
The song is like jazzy acoustic something like that, i need to know where to start
Great question. You sound like you may be new to understanding music.

To help you out a bit, you are in the key of E Major. That's a I V VI.

Start by playing and finding a solo with notes from an E major scale. You may also want to time certain notes of the solo so that when the chord changes, your solo note is targeted on the root 3rd 5th or 7th of that chord.

Good luck!


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What do you mean by 3rd 5th & 7th of the chord?

Those are chord intervals. Have you studied or tried to learn music theory at all? If not, then that may be a bit above your ability and knowledge level. In that case you can just play in E Major and follow your ear as to what you think sounds good.

Chord tone playing calls upon a bit higher ability where we still use our ears, but we also know what will sound good because we understand what is going on in the scale when it plays over a certain chord, and because of this, our playing will always sound on point. It's good stuff. I'd highly recommend learning theory if you can!


Nope, not really,

So your saying I need to find or make a solo using the notes on the e major scale?
Can I use arpeggios too?
Quote by kean1251
Nope, not really,

So your saying I need to find or make a solo using the notes on the e major scale?
Can I use arpeggios too?

Generally, yes you want to use notes from the E major scale to solo with.

You do realize what arpeggios are right? They're notes in a chord played one after another instead of played all at once.

You desperately need to brush up on your music theory if you know pentatonic scales but don't know what arpeggios are.
You can use B Pentatonic Minor with some chromatic stuff to sound more jazzy. You have the relative minor (6th degree on every major scale). In this case, you should use C# minor scale to combine and change the mood.
Arpeggios would sound nice too. Try some major or minor arpeggios adding a 7th minor. For example, in a E minor arpeggio, add a D to create some melody.

P.S: If you dont know Pentatonics, scales shapes or arpeggios, google it! Or you can use Guitar Pro. It has a tool that shows you all this stuff.
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If you can, dig up a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solos and Improvisation". It's a good introduction to the theory behind melodic soloing. You might also find "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition" useful, as it goes into a lot of the same concepts from a more general point of view.

I wrote "Flowers for Shetal" shortly after reading both of these books; from a theory standpoint it's ridiculously textbook-simple, consisting solely of chord tones (it's an Am, Dm, Am, Em progression, IIRC) with very basic passing tones leading up to them. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean,