My friend's band recorded an EP. The producer is very opinionated, and didn't allow them to record how they wanted to. They aren't that happy with how the album turned out, so I offered to try remixing it a bit to see if I could improve it. They're getting me the audio stems when they can, so I'm trying to figure out what to do to improve it. I've never worked with mixing live instruments, but I've got a lot of experience mixing electronic music.

The track that bothered me first was 24 Hour Disorder, so that's what I plan to start with. The chorus feels like it could have much bigger, with a wall of sound from the guitars, but to me, is sounds like the mix is dominated by the vocals too much, with the guitars barely being present. Anyone have any advice on how to improve the mix?

The producer wouldn't let them double-track the guitars, so that's somewhat limiting. I was thinking of making an effect track that the rhythm guitar will send to, that will be only reverb (no dry signal), with a slight modulation of some sort to make it differ from the original a bit. While this wouldn't be as strong as doubling the guitars, I think it could give it a bigger sound. I was also considering making another effect track for one of the guitars with high gain and heavy compression to contribute to the "wall of sound" effect.

Any ideas?
Try using a plugin such as Waves reel ADT to double the guitar. There are lots of doubling plugins on the market, but if that is one of your main issues, you could start with that.
I'm mainly looking for opinions on what else could be improved in the recording. As I said, I've never mixed live instruments, so I'm kind of guessing.
I personally think it's a good mix for the music; it's got that raw and old school Alkaline Trio vibe but to each their own I suppose.

What specifically does the band have a problem with?
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Honestly I think it sounds pretty good... I mean what were the band after?

A super sparkly production style would make this really boring to listen to.

Bare in mind a producer likely knows how to mix better than your friend does... that's why they went to him in the first place I'd assume.
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